I have lost something, what can I do?

iLost is the search engine for lost and found. All the found items of organisations and honest individuals are registered at iLost.co. Together with these organisations we help to bring lost items back to their legitimate owners. Check iLost.co if your lost item has been found.

Search between the found items on iLost.co. You can search on the homepage of iLost.co by searching on:

  • Object
  • Location
  • Organisation 

I can’t find my item on iLost.co…
Did you search for your item on iLost.co but you couldn’t find it? Unfortunately your lost item hasn’t been registered yet and perhaps it hasn’t been found at all. Please check iLost.co for the coming days. It can take a while before found items are uploaded by the founder, so you might want to come back after a few days. Usually, organisations don’t publish any found items during weekends.


Has it already been 3 working days that you lost your item and still have not found your lost item on iLost.co? Send an iLost Alert to let companies you visited know that you lost your item! This will encourage them to keep an eye out.

  • Send an alert to organisations that don’t use iLost yet.
  • Share your message on social media.
  • Create an insurance form easily.
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