How can I prove that I am the owner?

Please describe your lost item as detailed as possible. First click on the button “This item is mine” and describe one or more details of the items that are not visible or described, so the founder will know that you are the legitimate owner. The more information you describe, the easier it is for the founder to know you are the owner. This will help to get your item back more quickly.

Find below some suggestions per type or object that will help you to give the right information to the founder:

  • Mobile: The last 6 numbers of the IMEI-code, provider, description of the background
  • Bank Cards / Credit Cards: The last 6 numbers of your bank details and the name of your bank.
  • ID Card / Passport / Personal OV Card: Your initials, date of birth without the year and place of birth.
    Please note:  Never give your citizen service number.
  • Clothes: Brand, size and content in the pockets.


Be extensive! And if the founder does not think it is enough, he will ask you for more information. It takes 1-3 working days to receive a reply of the founder. Please keep in mind that some organisations are only open during office hours and are closed during the weekends.