Somebody sent me a message, how can I respond?

When somebody recognizes his item on he or she can react on the item by claiming it. This message will be send to you, the founder of the item.  You will receive this message via email. Click on the button, shown in the email, and login with your login and password.

Open the message and reply to the owner by indicating if he is the legitimate owner or not. You are also able to ask some questions in case you are not sure yet if the claimer is the owner or not.

I am convinced, he is the owner!
In case the provided information by the claimer corresponds with the found item, you can be mostly sure that he is the legitimate owner. Please click “Owner”. You can customise the text that will be send. The owner will receive an email with the typed text. Via this email he can easily choose if he would like to pick up the lost item or have it delivered. You don’t have to do anything at this stage.

He is definitely not the legitimate owner.
In case the provided information does not correspond with the found item you can click on “No Match” and press “Send”. You can customise the text that will be send. The claimer will receive an email with your message and that he is unfortunately not the legitimate owner. Please note: Don’t provide the claimer with any details about the found item to prevent fraud.

Are you doubting?
When the information does not suffice or if you are doubting, don’t hesitate to ask some questions to gather more information.  Click on the button “I’m not sure yet” and type your questions in the text box below.  Afterwards press “Send”. The claimer will receive your questions via email. You will receive an email in case the claimer replied to your message.

Whoops.. something went wrong!

  • Did you click on “No Match” instead of “Owner” and did you already send the message ? No problem. Afterwards you can click “Owner” to make the match.
  • Did you click on “Owner” instead of “No Match”, and did you already send it? Please first send an extra message and inform the claimer that something went wrong. Afterwards you can contact iLost and our Support team will help you out!