How can I have the found item shipped to the owner?

When you matched the found item with the legitimate owner, the claimer will receive the confirmation via email. The owner has to make the decision if he would like to pick up his item or to have it shipped.

The owner should first fill in his address details and complete the payment step. Afterwards, a shipment request will be automatically created. You will receive the information via email with the shipping label attached. A pick up date will be mentioned too. Did you miss the courier? iLost will contact you to arrange a new pick up moment.

  • Pay attention by preparing the package of the found item. Is it a fragile object? Pack the item in bubble wrap and put it in a box. When you would like to send keys or cards, you can pack it in a secure envelope.
  • Print the shipping label and stick it on the package.
  • Print the proof of release and let it sign by the courier. This is the evidence that the package has been picked up by the courier.