The track & trace is not working.

Once you have received a track & trace code, you can be sure that your parcel is on its way to the specified delivery address. The finder has then indicated that your parcel has been picked up by a courier. Through the track & trace you can track your parcel.
The track & trace is only active when the parcel has been scanned at a depot of the courier company. This means that the track & trace is often activated in the late evening or the next morning.

I have just received the track & trace, but it does not work.
Don't panic! Your parcel should be picked up properly and the track & trace will be operational from tomorrow morning.

I've been two working days and the track & trace code still doesn't work.
We would like to ask you to contact us by email. We will investigate immediately!

The track & trace has been on the same status for a few days now, namely "is on its way".
There are no activities during the weekend. These are only visible again on working days. The track & trace will then be updated and the status will be adjusted. Is the track & trace not updated after 3 working days? Please contact us by email. We will find out exactly what is going on for you.